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The Killing Streets  Rated R

An explosion in Beirut supposedly kills a Marine captain. Back in the United States, his twin brother, Chris Brandt, receives the news. Chris shares an almost extra-sensory connection with his brother and senses he's still alive. Chris travels to Beirut and visits the American Embassy. A Consular Liason says that he will investigate his brother's death, but urges Chris to return to the U.S. Undeterred, Chris continues the search and discovers that his brother is being held prisoner by an anti-American terrorist group. Chris infiltrates the camp and frees his brother.

Michael Pare
Lorenzo Lamas
Rafi Barbibai
Roni Blitz
Alon Abootbool
Itzik Atzmon
Gabi Amrani
Avi Cohen
Eyal Cohen
Shachar Cohen
Rahely Chimeyan
Menahem Eini
Noa El-Rom
Yaacov Gvir-Cohen
Eli Dor-Haim
Yehuda Efroni
Michael Downs
Ofer Levi
Uri Mauda
Rafi Milo
Shaul Mizrachi
Shmulik Matalon
Mati Seri
Jennifer Runyon
Lutof Nuaisser
Boaz Ofri
Ofer Shikartzi
Moshe Vapnik
Rafi Tavor
Hashem Yassin
Ishai Wureit
Director: Stephen Cornwell
Art Director: Anat Avivi
Production Designer: Avi Avivi
Executive Producer: Ami Artzi
Associate Producer: Zoli Ben-Chorin
Executive Producer: Zoli Ben-Chorin
Screenplay: Stephen Cornwell
Screenplay: Andrew Deutsch
Special Effects (Digital, Visual) : Pini Klavir
Editor: Bob Ducsay
Story by: Robert Geoffrion
Producer: Menahem Golan
Sound Editing : Danny Natovitz
Set Decorator : Itzchak Nuriani
Line Producer: Zvi Spielmann
Cinematographer: Daniel Schneuer
Composer: William T. Stromberg
Producer: Dan Young
Costume Designer: Rochelle Zaltzman