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The Outer Limits (1963)  Rated TV-PG

Exciting original science fiction that extrapolates from known facts to create memorable, strange and sometimes terrifying predictions about possible future events.

Vic Perrin
Bob Johnson
Director: Various


  • Mon. Apr 21st12:00am
  • Mon. Apr 21st1:00am
  • Mon. Apr 28th12:00am
  • Mon. Apr 28th1:00am
  • Mon. May 5th12:00am
  • Mon. May 5th1:00am
  • Mon. May 12th12:00am
  • Mon. May 12th1:00am
  • Mon. May 19th12:00am
  • Mon. May 19th1:00am
  • Mon. May 26th12:00am
  • Mon. May 26th1:00am
  • Mon. Jun 2nd12:00am
  • Mon. Jun 2nd1:00am
  • Mon. Jun 9th12:00am
  • Mon. Jun 9th1:00am
  • Mon. Jun 16th12:00am
  • Mon. Jun 16th1:00am
  • Mon. Jun 23rd12:00am
  • Mon. Jun 23rd1:00am
  • Mon. Jun 30th12:00am
  • Mon. Jun 30th1:00am
Controlled Experiment

Controlled Experiment: Two Martian investigators probe our custom of homicide.

Mon. Apr 21st 12:00am

Don’t Open Until Doomsday

Don’t Open Until Doomsday: Eloping lovers come on a strange house. There they find an old woman still despairing over the loss of her fiance on their wedding day many years ago. Little does she know that one of her wedding presents is responsible for the disappearance of the groom: the present with the card that reads "Don't Open Till Doomsday".

Mon. Apr 21st 1:00am


ZZZZZZ: A queen bee assumes a human appearance in order to make an unwary scientist into her new mate.

Mon. Apr 28th 12:00am

The Invisibles

The Invisibles: A government agent infiltrates a secret organization known as "The Invisibles" who attach parasites to the spinal chords of their victims. And, in doing so, they hope do (dare I say it?) take over the world!

Mon. Apr 28th 1:00am

The Bellero Shield

The Bellero Shield: A scientist captures an alien that can protect itself with an unbreakable shield.

Mon. May 5th 12:00am

Children of Spider Country

Children of Spider Country: Four scientists disappear in one day. All were born in the same county, on the same day. A fifth scientist is in jail and a federal agent is assigned to the case. The fifth man is sprung from jail by a mysterious stranger who says he's the young mans father.

Mon. May 5th 1:00am

Specimen: Unknown

Specimen: Unknown: Scientists on a space station discover and unusual and dangerous plant.

Mon. May 12th 12:00am

Second Chance

Second Chance: A group of people board an amusement park ride. Then they (and their surprised "captain") find that they're really going on a space jaunt.

Mon. May 12th 1:00am


Moonstone: Workers on a moon base find a mysterious rock that appears to be alive.

Mon. May 19th 12:00am

The Mutant

The Mutant: A scientist mutated by rainfall on an alien world holds colleagues hostage and demands to return to Earth.

Mon. May 19th 1:00am

The Guests

The Guests: Lovers decide whether to stay in a strange place and keep eternal youth or to return to their true ages.

Mon. May 26th 12:00am

Fun and Games

Fun and Games: A man (Nick Adams) and woman (Nancy Malone) battle an alien duo on a distant world to decide the fate of Earth.

Mon. May 26th 1:00am

The Special Ones

The Special Ones: An alien plans to use a gifted child to help it take over Earth.

Mon. Jun 2nd 12:00am

A Feasability Study

A Feasability Study: Six city blocks are transported intact to an alien planet. With Sam Wanamaker, David Opatoshu.

Mon. Jun 2nd 1:00am

Production & Decay of Strange Particle

Production & Decay of Strange Particle: A physicist works to destroy a cluster of particles threatening to destroy the universe.

Mon. Jun 9th 12:00am

The Chameleon

The Chameleon: The Army suspects the defection of an agent (Robert Duvall) sent to infiltrate the crew of a crippled alien ship.

Mon. Jun 9th 1:00am

The Forms of Things Unknown

The Forms of Things Unknown: To create an imposter for the U.S. president, an Asian uses a serum that alters human form.

Mon. Jun 16th 12:00am


Soldier: An ultimate future soldier hunts an enemy into the present. With Lloyd Nolan, Michael Ansara. Written by Harlan Ellison.

Mon. Jun 16th 1:00am

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Cold Hands, Warm Heart: An astronaut (William Shatner) who orbited Venus returns and undergoes a transformation.

Mon. Jun 23rd 12:00am

Behold, Eck!

Behold, Eck!: An eye specialist (Peter Lind Hayes) creates lenses that allow wearers to see a two-dimensional alien.

Mon. Jun 23rd 1:00am

Expanding Human

Expanding Human: A man experimenting with conciousness expansion drugs becomes super-human and not really human at all.

Mon. Jun 30th 12:00am

Demon with a Glass Hand

Demon with a Glass Hand: A man with a glass hand attempts to unravel the mystery of who he is.

Mon. Jun 30th 1:00am